Is it Time to Make Room for Google Cars?

Believe it or not, 2016 may be THE year of innovation with ego. Specifically, it may be the year that is known as the one that curbed the ego of artificial intelligence. In recent years, Google has been in the works perfecting its driverless cars. On one hand, driverless cars provide convenience and comfort we don’t currently have when we drive; on the other hand, there are still a number of questions and uncertainties which need to be addressed. Of course, the cars are meant to carry passengers, but those passengers won’t have to do anything but ride along. Except, Google car operators may need to remind the car that it isn’t always going to get its way. Especially in situations like this, where the Google car ends up causing a minor accident involving a bus.

No Right of Way

On one sunny day early in 2016, a self-guided Google car was trying to make a right turn on El Camino Real in the city of Mountain View, California. As it went to make the turn, it came upon sandbags on the side of the road. Because of this, it had to swerve out of its lane a bit to make the turn. The only problem is, there happened to be a bus in the lane the car swerved into.

The accident can’t be attributed entirely to the Google car. Like regular cars that require us to drive ourselves, there will be mistakes. The car was in autonomous mode, but it did have a human driver as well. Apparently, the human driver and the brain of the car were in accord because the human didn’t do anything to alter the situation. Both minds assumed that the bus would let the car out to make the turn. As a result, the bus received a bit of a modification to its paint job. It seems that even with driverless cars, you may find yourself needing the assistance of a car accident lawyer in San Francisco.

Google Car Adjustments and Safety

One might think that after this, Google would make adjustments that would allow the car to simply assume that cars in their own lanes might not let a Google car veer into those lanes to get where they were going. Instead, Google plans to adjust the car so it understands that larger vehicles, like a bus, might not move out of the way to let it pass. This adjustment may help avoid similar types of car accidents in the future.

This surely is a sign of innovation in engineering, but it might also be a sign that self-guided cars have a way to go before becoming the convenient and safe alternatives we need to comfortably hand over our keys. The question becomes whether driverless cars can decrease the number of car accidents or will end up making driving more complicated.

What do you think about Google’s driverless cars? Let us know in the comments.

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Jesse Chrisp Named a 2016 Rising Star by Super Lawyers Magazine

J. Chrisp Named a 2016 Rising Star by Super Lawyers Magazine

Attorney, Jesse Chrisp has been named a Rising Star in 2016 by Super Lawyers Magazine.  This elite recognition is only awarded to the best lawyers in their particular specialty.  As a personal injury lawyer, Jesse Chrisp represents those harmed by the action or inaction of others.  For his skill, expertise, and results, he is being recognized by the legal community as a rising star. This award is highly exclusive and requires significant peer recommendations.

Super Lawyers Magazine

Published in all fifty states and England, Super Lawyers selects the most outstanding and well-respected lawyers from throughout the country for listing in their annual magazine.  Fewer than five percent of lawyers in any given state are selected for inclusion in their exclusive publication.

Super Lawyers Rising Star Selection Criteria

In order to be selected as a super lawyer, attorneys must have achieved a high-level of respect and recognition from within the legal community.  While selecting lawyers, peer reviews, peer nominations and internal research are all considered.  Furthermore, in order to be named a rising star, an attorney must be forty or less, and in practice for fewer than ten years.  The review process is rigorous and only the best attorneys receive this level of recognition.  In fact, less than 2.5 percent of all lawyers in the state of California were named a rising star by Super Lawyers Magazine.  J. Chrisp, a Northern California attorney, has received this honor every year since 2009.

Learn About Rising Star, J.Chrisp

As a 2016 Rising Star, J. Chrisp represents clients both in the rural and urban areas of Northern California.  With offices in San Francisco and Lake County, he is conveniently located to represent clients throughout the area.  His focus is on handling personal injury and wrongful death cases, ensuring that his clients’ rights are protected and that each client receives the maximum financial benefit for their claim. A member of The San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association, American Association for Justice, Consumer Attorneys of California, Lake County Bar Association, San Francisco Bar Association, and the American Bar Association, J. Chrisp has the expertise necessary to deliver dependable and effective legal representation to individuals and families throughout San Francisco and Lake County.

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Sisters Killed After Vehicle Stalling

Seeing anyone die in a car crash is terrible. This should never happen but, unfortunately, it does. Recently two sisters became the latest victims of a fatal accident. This time, it was because their truck stalled. According to NBC, the road conditions were slippery and this caused their truck to spin out of control and hit a median in the fast lane. The two sisters were able to exit the truck after the crash, which is when the fatal accident occurred.

Warning from an Accident Lawyer

If you are in a car wreck on a busy road or highway, you have to be careful when getting out of the car and it may be safer to just stay put. These two sisters were killed, not by the original accident, but because another car came and hit their truck and then hit them. This terrible accident was likely caused by the other driver not being able to clearly see them or by them not paying attention or expect a stalled vehicle to be on the road.


Call an Injury Lawyer After a Rollover Accident Like the One in Santee, CA

On December 1st, 2015 there was a fatal rollover accident in Santee, California. As an injury lawyer, I pay attention to accident reports so that I can warn clients about things they can do to prevent an accident and stay safe. While not all accidents can be prevented, there are certain things you can do to decrease the risk of one or to decrease the likelihood of falling victim to serious injuries.

Man Killed in Rollover Accident in Santee

According to Fox 5, the accident took place on the Mission George on-ramp of Route 52. The man was driving a GMC pickup truck, lost control, flipped and rolled multiple times before coming to a stop. Two were injured as a result and one man died after being thrown from the cab. As an injury lawyer, I know that rollover accidents can be deadly and in cases like this, not wearing a seatbelt only increases that risk. Two were injured in this accident, but the one without the seat belt died at the scene.


Watch for Drunk Drivers this Holiday Season

As a California accident attorney, I represent clients that have been injured in a car crash. Often, these accidents are caused by a drunk driver. The holiday season is particularly dangerous when it comes to driving, simply because there are more holiday parties and even a mid-day lunch can turn festive with a few glasses of wine. While the police typically increase their patrols this time of year, it is critical for you to be aware of the increased risk and practice defensive driving so that you can stay safe.

Warning from an Accident Attorney

The number of fatal car accidents increases during the holidays, as do those caused by drunk drivers. Organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers have launched campaigns to raise awareness and promote getting a designated driver or taking a taxi. You should have your plan in place before you go to a holiday party and if you see a friend trying to drive drunk, take them home. Still, creating a plan for yourself is only half the battle. You also need to watch for other drivers that could be intoxicated and putting you and your family in danger.


How to Stay Safe on Your Holiday Road Trip

If you are heading out of town for the holidays, take the time to keep your family safe before you head out of town. As a personal injury lawyer, I know that it is easy to take the road conditions and your car for granted. When the roads are clear and the weather sunny in town, it is easy to assume that the conditions will be the same on your trip. Coming from sunny California, remember that our warm weather is the exception and not the rule. If you are heading to the mountains for a holiday ski trip or east to see the family, plan for winter weather and prepare accordingly so that you and your family can avoid a holiday accident.


San Francisco Tour Bus Crash Leaves 20 Injured

If you know someone who was injured in a bus crash, call a bus accident lawyer.

On Nov. 13, the city of San Francisco was plunged into chaos as a large tour bus went out of control in Union Square. The large double-decker bus was carrying around 30 passengers, giving them a tour of this historic and charming city. As they turned to enter Union Square, the bus suddenly went out of control, driving wildly and quickly through the streets. The crash left the city in distress and 20 people injured, six critically.


What If I Get Whiplash In Sonoma County?

Whiplash is a type of neck injury that can stress, strain, tear or otherwise damage the muscles in your neck.

The symptoms of whiplash may include but are not limited to: pain, decreased motion, tight or knotted and hard muscles in the neck. You may also experience pain when you rotate your head and you may feel tenderness for some time.

You may also have headaches at the base of the skull that spread to your forehead.

For many people, whiplash occurs in an unexpected car accident, typically when struck from behind.

Your body is relaxed and not braced for trouble. The impact pushes your body forward but while momentum forces your body forward, weight forces your head back, thus causing the strain on your neck.

Depending on the situation, it can even cause a concussion. A concussion is a very dangerous condition and should be diagnosed


Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Petaluma

If you've been injured in a motorcycle accident contact us today.

Motorcycle accidents are often terrible accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident contact us today. We are the go to attorneys in Northern California and represent clients in Petaluma CA and all areas of Sonoma County and surrounding counties as well.


Electrical Burns And Injuries in Sonoma County

The modern world is utterly dependent upon electricity and Sonoma County is no different. We learn this lesson anew every time there is a natural disaster that affects the electricity that powers our homes and businesses. An earthquake, a hurricane a tornado – damage the electric grid and life grinds to a halt.