California Car Accident – Back Injury Lawyer

Seeing a Car Accident Lawyer if You Have Back Injuries1A car accident is a traumatic occurrence, which leaves both physical and mental trauma on the victims. From whiplash to shock, you might have experienced all of these after being hit in a car. Of the injuries people get in a car accident, there are some more serious than others, and back injuries fall into the more serious category. As a car accident lawyer will tell you, treating back injuries can be a long and tedious process. It can also be extremely expensive, which is why it is important to have the proper representation if you have a back injury that resulted from a car accident.

Car Accidents as a Cause for Back Injuries

The back is an extremely strong area, providing protection to the sensitive nerves and spinal cord. There are large nerves that run down the arms and legs, and small nerves inside the spine, so sprains to the back are all ways to cause back pain. There are 24 different vertebrae in the back, acting as cushions to the spinal cord, which helps to absorb pressure and ensures no damage to the nerves inside the spinal cord. When you are in an accident, however, a great deal of torque is put on the back, leading to damage. Very often, this damage is not immediately apparent. Like other symptoms, most notably whiplash, back injuries from a car accident can take a while to manifest. Your car accident attorney will tell you that it is important to get your back completely checked out by a medical professional if you have been in any kind of accident.

Types of Back Injuries That a Car Accident Can Cause

The impact of collision, or when one car hits another, can cause your back immense amounts of trauma. Any good car accident attorney will tell you that wearing a seatbelt can greatly mitigate the damage you might have to your back or other parts of your body in the event you are in a car accident. The pressure and impact of that accident can cause a sprain in the back, lumbar spinal injuries, thoracic spinal injuries, damaged vertebrae, herniated or bulging disks, axial bursts, and a host of other injuries. These do not always manifest symptoms immediately. Often, a person is in shock immediately after the accident, which means the pain sensors do not kick in until some time has elapsed. For this reason, it is important to speak to your car accident lawyer and your doctor immediately if you have been in an accident of any kind.

Back Pain After a Car Accident

Typically, when the pain from a car accident starts, several hours or days later, people realize that they need to see a doctor. Back pain caused by a car accident can be extremely acute. The good news is there are many treatment options available, since more than 31 million Americans live with lower back pain and seek treatment for it every day. The first thing to do is to identify that you have a back injury as a result of your car accident, and then we will need to make sure your car accident attorney gets you the financial coverage you need to get the right kind of treatment. Sadly, many people do not get adequate representation after a car accident, cannot afford the treatments, and end up living with back pain for the rest of their life. We do not want this to happen.

Steps a Car Accident Lawyer Recommends

Seeing a Car Accident Lawyer if You Have Back Injuries2The very first thing you want to do, having been in a collision, is to seek out medical attention. If you have any pain or trouble moving, you should have the responding police officers call for medical attention. For your car accident attorney, the most important thing is getting you the care you need quickly. In the event that you do not have acute pain but just soreness or even no pain at all, you should still make it a point to talk with your car accident lawyer on the phone and schedule a visit to your doctor the next day. It is not worth the risk of a lifetime of back pain because of a back injury you did not know existed. Finally, we strongly encourage our clients not to make any statements about their health and wellbeing at the site of the collision. Shock, relief to be alive, and other factors can make you say things that the other driver’s car accident attorney may use against you in the event of a trial.

Back Injuries are Expensive

The cost of medical bills can be astronomical. Even with insurance, people have found the costs of getting long term care after a car accident to be crippling. It is vitally important that you involve your car accident attorney from the very first day so we can work toward getting you the care you need and that we get you the financial recompense you deserve.

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