Why Should I Go To The Doctor After A Car Accident If I’m Showing No Sign Of Injury?

Why Should I Go to the Doctor after a Car Accident if I'm Showing No Sign of Injury 1Car accidents happen every day in California. Some aren’t very serious, so the parties involved walk away with a few bumps and bruises and dented cars. Other times, the cars are totaled and the injuries can be so serious that they are permanent. Then there are those accidents that are so severe that one or more people are killed.

Nonetheless, the most common type of car accident is the type where one or both parties don’t seem to be injured or the injuries are minor. These can sometimes become very serious injury-wise since cuts and bruises do tend to heal relatively quickly, but internal injuries don’t. These internal injuries are those that can worsen over time. Because they develop slowly, it can take a considerable amount of time to recover and that’s if a full recovery is possible.

Are You Just a “Little Sore?”

Even if you are just a little sore, it could be an indication of something much more serious. When you fail to see a doctor, you delay treatment. Delaying treatment can lead to further injury resulting from the accident. Even slight soreness can indicate a significant issue. By seeking medical treatment after the accident, you can identify any issues that could become more serious over time. This also allows you to file a more solid injury claim much sooner.

Filing soon is important since the California Statue of Limitations for car accidents is two years. While this may seem like adequate time for most, there are times when it isn’t. If you want to file a claim outside of the statute of limitations, your California injury lawyer is going to tell you that you are unable to do so. If something happens and a claim is somehow filed outside of the two year timeline, the claim is going to be legally rejected.

Will My Insurance Pay for my Medical Treatment?

Your health insurance company may have specific rules surrounding how they pay for treatment related to an accident that is the fault of someone else. They will want the other party’s car insurance to pay your medical costs, whether your company pays or not. The health insurance company doesn’t want to deal with the costs when their insured wasn’t at fault.

But don’t let that be a deterrent to seeking medical treatment. Many health insurance companies will go ahead and pay the medical costs, but they may seek reimbursement from the insurance company of the other party. This is especially true when you are able to recover compensation from the party at fault.

If you have personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, then the medical costs you have incurred may be reimbursed by your auto insurance policy. This is further proof that you should never allow the technicalities of health insurance determine what action you take regarding your health. If you are in an accident, seek immediate treatment because those accidents happen so fast that you never know what really happened to your body.

Common Invisible Car Accident Injuries

Why Should I Go to the Doctor after a Car Accident if I'm Showing No Sign of Injury 2When a car accident injury doesn’t immediately appear, it can be considered an “invisible injury.” Any soft tissue injury can be considered as such, as it is damage to the connective tissue within the body. Soft tissue includes your ligaments, tendons, and muscles. The most common type of soft tissue injury that results from car accidents is whiplash.

Whiplash can take days, weeks, or months to appear. It is the result of the head suddenly jerking forward or sideways upon impact. There is a great deal of pressure on the neck ligaments when this happens, causing sprains or strains. Sometimes that is all a person needs for day-to-day activities to take their toll on what may start out as a minor injury. Over time, the injury can become extremely painful and life-altering. This is a good example as to why you should seek medical treatment immediately after an accident.

Call an Experienced California Injury Lawyer

It doesn’t matter how serious an injury is at first, it could have some rather dire consequences later. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident where you didn’t show many signs of injuries at first, you may still have grounds for an injury claim. To have your case evaluated for free, call the Law Offices of J. Chrisp at 877-524-7477 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.