Case Results


Dangerous construction zone results in spine surgery 


Product defect results in amputated arm


Class action 


Car crash results in frozen shoulder 


Highway roadway design defect against Cal-Trans 


Apartment stair case in dangerous condition leads to knee replacement


Car crash leads to internal organ damage


Motorcycle crash caused hip fracture 


Car crash results in Facet Syndrome 


Over 75 cases with  $100,000.00 settlements from insurance companies for car crash cases


Slip and fall at grocery store 


Slip and fall at Wal-Mart results in soft tissue injury


Over 50 cases with $50,000.00 settlements from
Insurance companies

Lawsuit Against Major Auto Manufacturers - Confidential Settlement

Our client lost her arm when her boyfriends truck struck a hillside after sliding off the road. We purchased the truck from the salvage yard and kept it covered and protected for two years while we looked for responsible parties to hold accountable. After two years we brought a lawsuit in Napa County against one of the big four Detroit auto manufactures for the lack of safety glass in the passenger window. Shortly after we filed suit this case resolved for a confidential amount.

Lawsuits Against Cal-Trans/ State of California- Confidential Settlement

Our clients mother was killed when she pulled out in front of a semi-truck at a Lake County intersection that was infamous for left turn broadside collisions. We brought suit against Cal-Trans and the State of California to get answers. During the discovery period we found a history of 22 similar left turn broadside collisions at this exact intersection. The left turning driver was always found at fault, just like our clients mother. Even though the left turning driver was always at fault in the auto v auto crashes, we were able to prove the state knew about this dangerous condition and failed to protect the traveling public within a reasonable time. After we beat the states motion for summary judgment and just before trial, the state settled for a confidential amount.

We have also sued numerous governmental entities in both state and federal court including the County of Lake, and the City of Clearlake.

Lawsuits With Insurance Companies - Millions Collected

We have collected millions from insurance companies on behalf of our deserving clients. When you are injured in a crash because someone failed to safely follow the rules of the road, it is that drivers insurance company who will really be paying for the damage caused, and also paying for the aggressive defense attorneys assigned to represent the negligent driver. Our office has settled hundreds of claims and litigated hundreds of cases to successful settlements and verdicts against all the major insurance companies, including State Farm, AAA, Allstate, Geico, Esurance. Liberty Mutual, AIG, The Hartford, Progressive, USAA, Travelers, Lloyds of London, and many more. We fight for the everyday people and know the insurance companies games all the way through trial.

Lawsuits Against Large Corporations

We have successfully sued Wal-Mart, PG&E, Costco, Albertsons, Safeway, McDonalds, U-Haul, Enterprise Rental Cars, Hertz, Subway, Dollar Rental Cars, Budget Rental Cars, and many interstate transport companies, common carriers, and brokers. We can obtain justice for you even if we have to pick a fight with Goliath.