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The United States Census Bureau projects California’s elderly population will double to 6.4 million by 2025, while the California State Department of Finance believes the number of California residents above the age of 85 will nearly double by 2030. Those are larger growth rates than any other state. In combination with these statistics is the alarming report that 20% of California’s nursing home facilities do not meet state-mandated requirements for employee staffing.

Personal Injury: Nursing Home Abuse

If you put together all of these facts, you can begin to see the dangerous picture being painted. The number of elderly people needing nursing home assistance is rising, while the staffing is nowhere near the level it should be. From a personal injury standpoint, this means we are expecting the number of nursing home abuse cases to rise. But what exactly is nursing home abuse, and how do you know if a loved one is being victimized?

Signs of Physical Abuse

While the majority of nursing home abuse cases revolve around physical abuse, there are also plenty of cases with emotional, sexual, or financial elements to them.

Physical Abuse. Signs of physical abuse include unexplained bruises, blood, torn, or ripped clothing, and broken bones.

Emotional Abuse. Signs of emotional abuse may include humiliation, intimidation, isolation from others, terror, or stress.

Sexual Abuse. Signs of sexual abuse may include bleeding around the anal or genital area, venereal diseases, and bruises or bleeding around breasts or genital regions.

Financial Abuse. Signs of financial abuse may include unexplainable withdrawals or transfers, misuse of accounts, forged signatures, stolen money, or stolen identity.

Specific Examples of Nursing Home Abuse

While circumstances vary depending on the victim, some common examples of nursing home abuse include intimidation or threats, failure to diagnose dangerous medical conditions, withholding of food, water, or medication, poor toileting facilities, or encouraged elopement or wandering.

The Law

Nursing homes are required by law to care for the elderly in the highest regard possible. This includes physically and mentally. In the state of California, all nursing home residents are entitled to clean, sanitary facilities and are protected from discrimination against race, gender, religion, age, nationality, and financial status.

Every nursing home in the state is required to be licensed by the California Health Board, and a qualified dentist, nurse, and physician must be on staff at each facility. Additionally, residents must be provided some form of social and physical activities.

As a result of the 1987 Nursing Home Reform Act, nursing homes with more than 120 beds are mandated to have a full-time social worker on staff. Also, nursing home staff members may never physically, emotionally, sexually, or financially damage a resident in any way.

Employees found guilty of nursing home abuse can face civil and criminal charges. Under California Penal Code 368 PC, criminal charges can be classified as a misdemeanor or felony.

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