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If you have been seriously injured in a car accident in Colusa County you need a top rated personal injury attorney to help guide you through dealing with the insurance companies.

Smart Victims know that car accidents can be a serious ordeal, taking your energy, time, money, and other resources for recovery. And of course you need to address the insistent insurance company pretending to care for you. In reality they care for reducing their exposure by settling your claim cheaply.

Having a strong financial interest to limit their exposure, the insurance companies will try to pay you early before your actual medical condition is known. If you have been in a car accident in Colusa County call us today!

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Experience: We have successfully settled hundreds of cases in the state of California, obtaining millions of dollars for our clients. Our ability to take cases to trial allows us to settle most of our cases by getting justice in front of a jury of community members.

Dedication: Being 100% personal injury oriented, we assure personal, dedicated service and attention. We have the ability to take your case with the drive that would see it through to resolution in your favor.

Knowledge: To be successful at personal injury law, understanding medicine and insurance companies is a must. We ensure that you understand the true scope of your injuries before you ever consider settling your case.

Confidence: While dealing with a personal injury related to a car crash, you need to have confidence in your attorney. Our confidence comes from knowing the insurance companies tactics and understanding how your case will eventually be presented to a jury. We will explain all to you so you will have the power and knowledge over the entire process.

Care: At the The Law Offices of J.Chrisp , we treat our clients as more than clients, taking each case with care and compassion. Each case has a story and you will let us tell your story. Please call us now to let your story be heard.

Personal Injury: Car Accident Lawyers

If you have been injured in a car crash that was not your fault, you have the right to get full and fair compensation for each and every loss including past and future medical costs, past lost wages, and future loss in earnings if your future earning capacity is to be reduced.

Now the insurance companies will never tell you about any of your rights. From the minute you are in a crash, the insurance companies use tactics that you would probably call immoral or fraud and theft to a great extent but they validate the ploys by calling them “adjusting claims.”

Here are the top five ways they prevent you from receiving compensation for all of your harms.

1) Offer to settle your case fast for a ridiculously low compensation

By offering to settle your case fast they know that you have no idea of the true extent of your injury. Time is the only way to tell if you have gone through a permanent injury or not. They know that if they can get you to take an offer soon after your crash, they can limit their exposure.

2) Never tell you about the course of health care you should be receiving

If you have been in a crash, but you have no broken bones, the insurance companies will claim you should be completely better within 6-8 weeks. If the pain persists, they will never refer the right doctor you should visit.

3) Never let you know how you could finance your health care

Another secret insurance adjusters won’t let you know is that even without health care, if you have got yourself insured in a crash that wasn’t your fault, and you need surgery, or other care, there are alternative options to finance this care and the insurance companies are eventually responsible for these necessary and reasonable charges.

4) Taking a recorded statement

One of the insurance companies’ favorite ploy is to get a recorded statement where they ask all sorts of questions designed to minimize your own injuries, and then build a case against you. This recorded statement is to be used latter to trap you into a case in their favor, a case of minimization. Don’t ever give them a favour giving a recorded statement without consulting us.

5) Getting you to give them access to your private medical history

Another favorite secret used by the insurance companies is telling you they need access to your private medical history before they can assess your claim. Once permitted, they will use paid doctors who will claim that your new injuries have no relation with the crash and that the grievances were really pre-existing or are related to some distant injury that just happened to surface after the crash. They have no right to access your private health care and this will only be used to harm your case. Don’t do it. Call us.

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