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In a blink of eye your life can be changed altogether after having been involved in a car accident or personal injury in Shasta County. Apart from rehabilitation and getting better soon you will have to deal with so many issues at once: extensive medical care, time off from office, dealing with insurance companies and possible court schedules. There is constant worry about who will pay medical bills, how to deal with insurance companies. If you approach them alone, they will make you think that you are wrong to ask for compensation. What to do now? Set perhaps in a possibility of permanent disability, you will have to find solutions for these issues, and this requires support of experienced legal professionals to begin with.

In this hard time you need not deal with your insurance company alone who are motivated to pay you as little as possible though you will deserve full compensation. In this moment you need proper medical care and necessary support to heal. If you have severe injuries, your insurance coverage will require not medical bills but also employment and rehabilitation insurance. In order to ensure you get the required coverage, you need a lawyer by your side who will guide about how to handle this confusing and intimidating process of recovery and how to be fully compensated for your trauma.

The Law Office of J. Chrisp will take your cased personally and address your concerns properly. All you will need is concentrate on getting better soon while we will take care of the rest, especially your insurance claims. Whatever financial standings you are with, you deserve quality medical care and you won’t be left alone to find specialist to help you cure. When you will have us by your side, we will explain how your injuries could impact your future and your life and how to claim damages that you deserve. Remember, insurance companies have trained reps who will approach you asking to settle the claim early so as to limit their liability. With us, you won’t be fooled.

Car accident or other personal Injury in Shasta County?

Have you been involved in a car accident or personal injury in Shasta county, or anywhere else in Northern California? Call the Law Office of J. Chrisp. By reaching out to us, you will get all your questions answered and all concerns resolved by our professional and compassionate service. And you will get respect that you deserve. In the last five years the successful outcomes in dealing with car crash injury claims in the state of California speak for us. We have got our clients win millions of dollars through courts and settlements. Our cases are heard by a jury. By taking our service you will not risk leaving your case to be evaluated by greedy insurance company alone.

We are specialized in personal injury, every lawyer in our firm working exclusively with personal injury cases. With extensive knowledge directly related to personal injury cases we know how to resolve your situation in your favor. We have incomparable knowledge in medical industry and insurance company policies. Our priority is to make sure you know the full extent of your injuries and how they are going to affect your life. Then you can settle your case with the insurance company. We will explain the entire process in order to help you make informed decisions.

Insurance companies will do everything in their power to make you feel you are in the wrong so that they can minimize your claim. They are experts in manipulation and subtle bullying intended to make you give up fast. They have several tactics to do so such as making an early low-ball offer, ignoring your proper medical care, resorting to ‘gaps in treatment’ and presenting no alternative options to financing your treatment. They also try to trap you with a ‘recorded statement’, making you tell a story that serve their interests, not yours. Last but not least, they ask for getting access to your private medical history indented to disclose some vague ‘pre-existing conditions’ that would allow them to pay you less. You don’t need to deal with insurance companies after an injury . We can help.

In this critical time you should not feel lonely. When you hire us, your problems become ours too. We make the whole ordeal less intimidating.

We treat our Shasta county clients as people, not numbers at Law Offices of J. Chrisp. Behind each case is an individual who, after being hurt, deserves the best care possible as well as the fairest compensation from for the injury. We want to help you so please call us.

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