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The shock, loss and fear of a car wreck can leave the victims feeling overwhelmed and concerned for personal safety. It can raise questions that you may never have had to ask before. Questions like:

  • Who can I ask for help?
  • Where can I find the answers I need?
  • How can I afford my medical expenses?
  • Should I talk with the insurance companies that keep calling:
  • Why is the insurance adjustor trying to make me feel guilty?

You are not alone. Many that have already experienced a wreck feel or have felt the same as you. This is because a car accident can put your life on hold, changing the course of your life in a heartbeat and producing challenges and obstacles you never thought you would have to face. This may be a time for large changes in your life.

After the wreck, you may have lasting or persistent medical problems to deal with. You may need long-term medical treatment and physical rehabilitation. Now, you may have physical injuries and a new career to deal with, if your injuries leave you unable to work in the field you were employed in before the wreck. Plus, now you will have to get your car repaired or replaced and your daily routine has been interrupted for an unknown period of time. On top of everything else, you may have insurance adjustors trying to set up an appointment to talk to you. You may need legal help to make sure you have the money you need for medical expenses, vocational training or college classes for a new career and a new car.

You may think that the insurance company will handle the settlement. That’s what its there for, right? However, the simple truth is that the insurance company that handles the claim for your accident may not care how much pain you are in, how much you’ve lost or how much your life has changed. In fact, instead of being a tool on your path to recovery, it may be another obstacle. This is because insurance companies send their adjustors out to protect their bottom line, not your future.

Some companies want to get out of paying their claim at any cost to you. This means you could be dealing with a very rude, aggressive adjustor that wants to bully or trick you into dropping your claim. Or one that acts like he or she is there to help when he or she just acts sympathetic and nice to get you to agree to a lower settlement than you deserve. Don’t believe the attitudes or lies. Get professional help now because after you cash a check or sign a waiver, the insurance company is not longer responsible for paying on your claim.

If you or a loved one has been in a wreck, don’t trust the insurance company to do the right thing. You have enough on you right now. You don’t need to get through the process just to find out you didn’t get what you are entitled to.

At the law office of Jesse Chrisp, you will be treated like a person, not a threat to someone’s bottom line. He can help guide you in your dealings with the insurance company and provide you with sound legal advice.

Jesse Chrisp covers the Sonoma County, as well as other areas of northern California.


One-on-One Service: You can expect professionalism, courtesy and dedication in service that will meet your needs and watch out for you, our client.

Knowledge: Jesse Chrisp only takes personal injury cases. He has been practicing law for more than five years. Therefore, you can rest assured that Jesse Chrisp knows how to handle your case and see it through until you have what the law entitles you to.

True Concern: You may need guidance on areas of the law that pertain to long-term or short-term medical expenses. You can’t trust the insurance company to make the best decisions for you. Jesse Chrisp offers sound legal advice on areas that the insurance company won’t volunteer information on, areas that include medical treatments and areas you may not have thought of yet. This is because he cares and the insurance company does not.

Peace of Mind: You have a lot to think about and deal with right now. You can’t afford to miss anything or make a mistake but with stress and physical trauma it can be hard to remember everything. Chrisp’s education and experience can take a lot off of you because you will have a professional advocate in your corner- someone that is knowledgeable, experienced and caring.

Contact us today. We can answer your questions and help you get the settlement you are entitled to.

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