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Do you need a top rated personal injury attorney to deal with a Vallejo car crash? A car crash can be a life altering experience and it pays to inform yourself so you are not missing out on things you might be entitled to. Insurance companies are foremost financial institutions and will therefore employ several tricks to try and pay you as little as possible.

We can make sure that you don’t end up with unpaid medical bills and get what you are entitled to. If you have an questions you should call us today.

We draw from an extensive knowledge in personal injury and car crash cases and therefore know exactly what you need and how much you can expect to be paid. We have successfully represented clients in hundreds of cases in northern California and would love to talk about representing you.

If you see any of the following tricks employed by an insurance company do not hesitate to call or contact us.

Car Crash Attorney in Vallejo

At the The Law Offices of J.Chrisp we know how to make the insurance companies pay. We do it every day. Here are a list of common ways insurance companies take advantage of personal injury victims.

1. Immediate and lower payment
Insurance companies will often offer to pay immediately on the spot, but beware this may keep you from getting paid further down the line if you required further medical treatment. It may also mean that they might be offering you not enough money without you knowing in an effort to settle quickly and cheaply.

2. Insufficient medical care
Insurances companies may try to downplay your injuries so as to keep their expenses low. If you were in a car crash make sure you go to the hospital.

3. Insist you cover medical bills
Your insurance company bears all financial responsibility for any general and specialized medical, dental, and nursing services. The coverage includes not only medical, but also legal expenses, lost wage refund, etc.

4. Take a recorded statement
Never allow your insurance company to record you, because the answers you give may be used against you. Contact your attorney before agreeing with any audio/video recording.

5. Appeal to private medical history
The insurer may ask to for the access to your private medical history in order weaken a claim. Never give the insurance company permission, because this is confidential information. All the present injuries you have is a medical issue, provided in the medical report after examination conducted. Keep in mind, that no law allows your insurance company to access your medical history.

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