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It only takes a momentary  car accident or personal injury in Yuba County to change your life. A sudden life situation is now right at your doorstep. New bills and expenses are now going your way. You could be having thoughts on who you can go for answers, for financial support. The people managing your assets start calling endlessly.

A car accident or personal injury in Yuba County can get a hold of your time and finances. Your insurance establishment can influence your decisions on dealing with the issues, with the hidden agenda of lowering exposure. Your critical wounds would need a big medical attention. You require a lawyer to show you how to get through this.

The Law Office of Jesse Chrisp can deal with these issues for you. We will help you choose the doctor to address the insurance establishment. You just focus on healing, while we focus on the case. We will ensure proper care for you regardless of the funds.

The insurance establishment is very interested on lowering their exposure. They would suggest early payment, and we will assist you in the decision.

If you have been connected in a vehicle accident in Yuba County or elsewhere in Northern California, be sure to call the Law Offices of Jesse Chrisp. We will oversee the case and attend to your concerns.

Why Choose Us

Knowledge of case. Our business has closed hundreds of cases in the State of California. Our clients have acquired millions of dollars. We are confident in our capability in a trial.
Commitment. Because individual trauma is 100% our main and only business, you are guaranteed personal and dedicated care.

Knowledge. We will make sure you recognize all law, medicine and insurance angles of your injuries before settling the case and come to your own conclusion.

Certainty. It can be hard when handling a personal trauma by yourself, connecting to an accident. Our certainty is from realizing insurance establishment tactics and how the case will be to a jury. Our explanation will give you enough assurance over the whole steps and selecting your lawyers.

Attention. We value our clients and their cases at the Law Offices of Jesse Chrisp. We conduct thorough attention to the case to find the actual person responsible.

Personal Injury Attorney for Car Accident in Yuba County

If you were traumatized in a car accident or personal injury in Yuba County not from your own doing, you deserve to recover by being wholly and fairly compensated. The compensation also includes past and future medical expenses, lost earnings, and the ability to earn. If you have no choice but to switch careers because of the inability to conduct your work, the individual responsible will be made sure to cover retraining and losses of earnings you would have acquired in the future.

Insurance establishments will never disclose your rights. They are drilled in applying words where you experience a sense of guilt when you demand full compensation. When that happens, do contact us. When you sense you’re being defensive with the insurance adjuster, do contact us. They know they can bully you with your own awareness. The adjusters are drilled to manipulate you in taking less than what is obliged. The insurance establishment is supposed to compensate you properly, but will instead assault you. To make sure you are properly compensated, do contact us right away.
The moment you are in a crash, insurance establishments start to lower exposure. They apply fraudulent strategies, using huge backings, to “adjust claims”.

Here are the top five ways they rip you off of receiving full compensation.

1) Offer immediate settlement for an absurdly low offer
An immediate settlement offer would lessen what you know. Only time can tell if the trauma’s lasting. They are aware when you accept the offer, you are lowering their exposure when you subsequently recognize the trauma’s longer lasting.

2) Never disclose the true process of your health care
If you have been in a crash with no fractures, the insurance establishments will claim on recovery within 6-8 weeks. When experiencing further pain, they will not advise the doctor you should see. Numerous health care providers are unable to advise MRI, with months passing by being unattended. The insurance establishment will utilize these as “gaps in treatment.” If you have “gaps in treatment” the claims adjuster will utilize these to lower your harm and state your disregard for immediate care. If you acquire an attorney to direct you then your claim will be backed by the correct medical attention at the right time. This is important to get the insurance establishment to properly value your claim.

3) Never disclose how you could finance your health care
Another secret is that there are alternative ways to finance care, and the insurance establishments eventually are responsible for these necessary and reasonable charges.

4) Taking a recorded statement
One of the insurance establishments preference is to get a recorded statement to lower your own traumas, and build a case against you. Do call us before giving a recorded statement.

5) Urging you for access to your private medical history
Another preference is requiring access to your private medical history. Once permitted they will utilize doctors who will claim new injuries from pre-existing injury that started hurting again, and unrelated to the crash. They have no right and this will harm your case.

Not from Yuba County?

We also practice in these other counties of northern California: Lake County, Mendocino County, Colusa County, Shasta County, Sutter County, Napa County, Sonoma County, Marin County and Vallejo County.