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J. Chrisp premises liability lawyer san Francisco1As a San Francisco attorney, I work with many clients who were injured while shopping at the store, walking in a public building or park, or at someone else’s home. If you are hurt due to a fall, something hitting you, a dog biting you, etc., you should call a premises liability lawyer in San Francisco right away. It is important to gather and preserve evidence and to begin building your case while all the information is readily available. You can schedule a free consultation by calling 1-877-524-7477.

Signs You Should Call a Premises Liability Lawyer in San Francisco

If you were injured in your own home, it is unlikely that you have a case unless that injury was related to a product that malfunctioned. In general, you need to have been injured in a location where someone else is responsible due to their neglect. For example, if you fall down while shopping and the area was well-lit and in good condition, the fall will likely be blamed on clumsiness. If, however, you fell because there was a tear in the floor, that can signify neglect. Think about your accident, and if you believe that it was caused by something that someone did or failed to do, call for a consultation. If you are unsure, call anyway, and I can provide you with guidance after learning more about what happened.

Do You Have Any of These Common Injuries?

There are certain injuries commonly associated with slip and fall accidents, including a sprained or broken wrist, broken arms and legs, concussion, scrapes and bruises, teeth and face injuries, and cuts. Some people are injured when walking on a torn sidewalk, others fall when the handrail of a business is not secured properly, the lights have not been replaced, or there is falling debris. Injuries can even happen at a private home when the building is in disrepair. If you have fallen or been hurt at a business, someone’s home, or public place, you could suffer various injuries, but the key is that you must have been injured to have a case.

A Premises Liability Lawyer in San Francisco Can Help Determine Who Is Responsible

J. Chrisp premises liability lawyer san Francisco2Proving liability is the most difficult aspect of a premises liability case. It can be difficult to prove who is at fault, because there is rarely an eyewitness and a business may claim that you caused the accident, not them. This is why you should work with a premises liability lawyer in San Francisco right away. Pictures need to be taken, witnesses interviewed, and evidence preserved as quickly as possible. An investigation will also need to be conducted to determine all the factors that could have contributed to your accident (for example, a tear in the floor), whether or not the business knew about it, and if they did anything to prevent your accident. If we can prove that they knew there was a hazard and did nothing about it, you have a strong case.

These Are Not Simple Cases

Even though slip and fall cases or overall premise liability lawsuits are common, they are complicated cases. Given the amount of investigating that goes into any premises liability case, whoever is representing you can make a major difference in how successful the outcome is. This is not a basic injury case, because an attorney has to do more than prove what happened. Why it happened and knowledge and intent of the business must also be demonstrated. This makes experience crucial to a positive outcome.

Get Help Right Away by Scheduling a Free Consultation

Call 1-877-524-7477 to schedule a free consultation with The Law Offices of J. Chrisp or contact us HERE. Proving that someone else was responsible for your accident is not an easy task. It is critical that you work with an attorney who is experienced in proving premises liability, so you can receive the financial compensation you need to pay for your mounting medical bills and any wages you have lost.

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