Sisters Killed After Vehicle Stalling


Seeing anyone die in a car crash is terrible. This should never happen but, unfortunately, it does. Recently two sisters became the latest victims of a fatal accident. This time, it was because their truck stalled. According to NBC, the road conditions were slippery and this caused their truck to spin out of control and hit a median in the fast lane. The two sisters were able to exit the truck after the crash, which is when the fatal accident occurred.

Warning from an Accident Lawyer

If you are in a car wreck on a busy road or highway, you have to be careful when getting out of the car and it may be safer to just stay put. These two sisters were killed, not by the original accident, but because another car came and hit their truck and then hit them. This terrible accident was likely caused by the other driver not being able to clearly see them or by them not paying attention or expect a stalled vehicle to be on the road.

Tips from an Accident Lawyer on Staying Safe after Your Car has Stalled

If you have gotten in a wreck or your car has stalled and you are still on the road, put your flashers on immediately and call 911. You may also want to keep your hand on the horn and start honking if you see a car heading toward you without stopping. Do not get out of your vehicle unless you can safely exit and make it to the shoulder or off of the road immediately. While getting into a subsequent car crash can be dangerous, if you are buckled, your vehicle will absorb much of the impact. If you are hit while walking on the road, there will be nothing to protect you.

Call an Accident Lawyer for Help

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