Watch for Drunk Drivers this Holiday Season


As a California accident attorney, I represent clients that have been injured in a car crash. Often, these accidents are caused by a drunk driver. The holiday season is particularly dangerous when it comes to driving, simply because there are more holiday parties and even a mid-day lunch can turn festive with a few glasses of wine. While the police typically increase their patrols this time of year, it is critical for you to be aware of the increased risk and practice defensive driving so that you can stay safe.

Warning from an Accident Attorney

The number of fatal car accidents increases during the holidays, as do those caused by drunk drivers. Organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers have launched campaigns to raise awareness and promote getting a designated driver or taking a taxi. You should have your plan in place before you go to a holiday party and if you see a friend trying to drive drunk, take them home. Still, creating a plan for yourself is only half the battle. You also need to watch for other drivers that could be intoxicated and putting you and your family in danger.

Defensive Driving Helps

There are certain things you can do to stay safe on the road. Defensive driving requires you to constantly check your mirrors and stay aware of what is happening around you. Look for cars that are speeding up and slowing down or swerving in and out of lanes. Any driver that is behaving erratically could pose a risk to you and the best way to stay safe is to get, and stay, behind them. You want to stay far enough back to be able to react to their actions until you, or they, are safely off of the road.

When to Call an Accident Attorney

If you have been hit by a drunk driver, call an accident attorney right away. It is important that the evidence is preserved as much as possible, witnesses interviewed, and pictures taken. This is something that an attorney can assist you with. You and your passengers should be focused on your health and recovering from an accident. A personal injury lawyer can take care of the rest.

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