San Francisco Tour Bus Crash Leaves 20 Injured


If you know someone who was injured in a bus crash, call a bus accident lawyer.

On Nov. 13, the city of San Francisco was plunged into chaos as a large tour bus went out of control in Union Square. The large double-decker bus was carrying around 30 passengers, giving them a tour of this historic and charming city. As they turned to enter Union Square, the bus suddenly went out of control, driving wildly and quickly through the streets. The crash left the city in distress and 20 people injured, six critically.

San Francisco Tourist Destination Thrown Into Pandemonium

This is perhaps the most devastating and chaotic bus crash that the city has seen in recent history. Tourists and residents alike looked on in shock, not fully comprehending what had just happened or why. People in the city are looking for answers so they can once again feel safe on the streets.

Pedestrians Hit in San Francisco Tour Bus Accident

Perhaps the most alarming fact was that the bus hit two pedestrians as it drove wildly out of control. These pedestrians became trapped under the bus and had to be extracted by rescue workers before being transferred to San Francisco General Hospital. They were listed as being in critical condition. Those standing nearby were terrified at the sight and the awareness that simply walking down the street can lead to life-threatening injuries.

Authorities Are Seeking to Assign Blame for Tour Bus Crash

The San Francisco tour bus accident caught everyone by surprise because it seemed to happen so suddenly and without any warning. Passengers were enjoying the tour, some even on the top deck, when everything became tumultuous. It is still unclear as to what caused the bus to go out of control, but the authorities are investigating. The driver was found conscious, so it was not caused by falling asleep or a sudden medical condition, as far as we know.

Call a Bus Accident Lawyer If You or Someone You Know Was Injured

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