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How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You Negotiate With the Insurance Company

As a personal injury attorney, I work with many clients who call my office after trying to handle their injury claim on their own. Most people assume that since they pay their insurance company a monthly premium, they are on their side and will work to make the claims process easy. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Remember that the insurance company is in the business to make money. If they pay out the maximum amount on all claims, it will cut into their profits. Instead, they try to limit their exposure and settle claims for as little as possible.

A Personal Injury Attorney Can Make Sure You Are Treated Fairly

It is difficult for someone not in the legal or insurance field to know what injury claims are really worth or what a fair settlement offer is. For this reason, many people settle their claim for far less than they should. The good news is that when you have an attorney working with you, you are gaining the knowledge and experience of that attorney. As a result, you will know when you are receiving a fair offer or when you could potentially do better by going to trial.

Get the Medical Help You Need

Another way that a personal injury attorney can help is by making sure you have access to the right doctors. It is common practice for insurance companies to try and limit expenses by preventing injured people from visiting a specialist or receiving an expensive procedure or surgery. If you have been told that a procedure may help you but the insurance company does not want to pay, an attorney can help.

Save Time by Working With a Personal Injury Attorney

After an accident, you may be surprised by how many phone calls and letters you receive from the insurance company. It can border on harassment or certainly feel like it, as you are asked to fill out paperwork and send information back to them on a regular basis. If you are tired of dealing with it or find yourself ignoring their phone calls, an attorney can take over the communication. With everything going through your lawyer’s office, you can be confident that everything will be taken care of without you having to be the one to do it.

Settling Your Case vs. Going to Trial

Just because you hire an attorney, that does not mean you have to go to court. Many times an attorney can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, help you receive a fair offer, and settle everything outside of court. The only way to know which option (settling vs. going to trial) will be best for you is to schedule a consultation.