I Got Into a Wreck in a Construction Zone. Is It My Fault?


As an accident attorney, I regularly speak with people that have gotten into a wreck in a construction zone, and it is common for them to think that the accident was their fault. This is not necessarily the case, so I recommend calling to schedule a consultation to discuss the details of what happened. Here are some frequently asked questions for you to consider:

Are there laws regulating construction zones?

Yes, there are, and these laws are designed to keep everyone safe. That is why you, as a driver, are required to drive at a slower speed than you normally would in that particular area. Simultaneously, these regulations are supposed to protect you and other drivers from hazardous road conditions while the construction work is being performed. If you violate these regulations by driving too fast, you could receive a ticket and the accident could be all or partially your fault. If, however, the agency doing the road work did not follow the guidelines they were supposed to, the accident could be their fault. When you schedule a consultation, I can help you sort through what happened and review the regulations with you.

How can I tell whose fault the accident was?

The best thing to do is to schedule a consultation with my office to discuss the specifics of your case. I can review what happened, ask questions, and let you know whether you have a case. It is wise to schedule that appointment as soon as possible while everything is still fresh in your mind. Additionally, you will want to gather the contact information for any witnesses so that I may speak with them as they may be able to confirm or shed light on what actually happened.

I didn’t see the road work until it was right in front of me and couldn’t stop. Is that my fault?

Probably not. There should have been signs warning you that either the lane was ending or that road work was being done on that particular lane. If the sign was not there or if it was posted too close to where the work was being performed, there may have been no practical way for you to avoid it, and, in this case, the accident may not have been your fault.

I Was Hit While Being Directed to Go by a Road Worker. Do I Sue the Agency or the Other Driver?

That really depends on the details of what happened. You could have an opportunity to sue both. As long as you were following the worker’s directions, the accident should not be your fault and there would be a good chance for you to collect financial compensation. In a case like this, you need to schedule a legal consultation as soon as possible. Getting to the scene of the accident and taking pictures while the road work is still ongoing would also be helpful in proving your case. Additionally, proving negligence will not be easy, so taking advantage of the available time to do so is crucial.

What should I do in order to collect financial compensation?

You can open a claim with your insurance company to start having your medical bills paid. Otherwise, you should schedule a consultation with my office to discuss your legal options.

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