The Importance of Hiring a Local Attorney for Your Sonoma County Injury

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Following a serious injury caused by the negligence of another person, you may be left wondering what’s next for you and your well-being. You may be aware that there are steps to take to ensure you are eligible to receive the compensation you deserve, and you have come to the point where you need to hire an attorney. You may be asking yourself,

“How do I find an attorney for my case? Is hiring local my best option? Can I handle my case alone?”

To answer those questions, you will want to find an attorney who is local and familiar with the area your accident occurred, for many reasons.

Why Hire Local?

When looking to hire an attorney, you need to take a closer look into why hiring local matters. 

Internet Marketing

Before the internet, an attorney’s reputation was built solely on word of mouth. Their work was a direct reflection of their firm and their name. However, we live in a digital society, and with the technology we have, many things are possible now that may not have been before.

For example, any attorney from any location can pay money to Facebook or Google to show ads in our communities. Many of these attorneys are nowhere near Northern California and often have not stepped foot into our courtrooms. If you’ve already found an attorney online, ask them how many times they have physically stepped foot into a Sonoma County courtroom. You may find the answer unsettling, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many never have.

Local Reputation

When it comes to going to trial, who you know and the connections you have are extremely important for ensuring you receive the maximum possible outcome for your case. When an attorney who “ain’t from around here” shows up in court:

  • Our judges don’t know them

  • Defense attorneys don’t know them

  • The insurance adjusters don’t know them

  • Fellow community members sitting as jurors don’t know them

When members of our community face a life-changing event, it’s crucial for their recovery to find the right attorney. Every community has its “big names” and along the Northern Coast, our communities are small and tight-knit. This is where hiring an attorney with a strong local reputation will really allow you to shine.

Our team at The Law Offices of J. Chrisp has fought legal battles with the biggest insurance lawyers within our communities—earning their respect in trial. They know when Jesse Chrisp speaks on his clients’ behalves, that it is from the heart and the truth.

Fierce Sonoma County Insurance Companies

When speaking about Sonoma County, many of the big national insurance companies have offices in Santa Rosa loaded with local insurance adjusters. These adjusters work with local defense attorneys and take cases exclusive to Sonoma County, making it their bread and butter. Because of this, they will know instantly if an attorney is from somewhere else. As stated earlier, they will know that you are not from here, and that will put you at a massive disadvantage. The local attorneys will always have the upper hand, which means hiring a non-local attorney will start your claim on an uneven playing field—which is rarely overcome.

Who You Choose To Represent Your Case Speaks Volumes

The attorney you choose for your Sonoma County injury case tells the adjuster everything they need to know about your case. They will think one of two things:

  1. You know the importance of hiring local and have chosen an attorney accordingly

  2. You found a non-local attorney who knows nothing about how our communities operate

Founding Attorney Jesse Chrisp firmly believes that our local adjusters have a strong prejudice against out-of-town attorneys who come to work on Sonoma County cases. Relationships are built on trust and professionalism here.

For Everything Personal Injury in Sonoma County, Contact The Law Offices of J. Chrisp

When it comes to recovering and ensuring the ability to return to a comfortable lifestyle following an accident, there truly is no compromise for hiring a local attorney. Our firm has successfully obtained over $50 million on behalf of our clients from local adjusters.

Call (707) 549-8166 for more information on scheduling your free consultation.

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