Is Your Lawyer Willing to Go to Trial for You?

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You may often hear lawyers claim they’re “willing to go the distance” for their clients. But what does that really mean? Finding a lawyer who is willing to go to trial can sometimes be difficult. Not all lawyers are skilled or interested in taking a case all the way through a trial and court.


It takes a special, dedicated lawyer to stick through a case all the way through a trial for you. So why is it important to find a lawyer who’s willing to go the distance for you?


Finding a Trial Attorney

Lawyers often have different expertise in different types of law, ranging from criminal law to personal injury, to employment law, immigration law, and more. Just like they often have a specialty focus or two, each lawyer also has specific expertise in different kinds of trial cases.


If your lawyer has only ever taken a case to a bench trial, they may not be fully prepped and ready for their first jury trial. Finding a lawyer or law firm that has the expertise in both can be extremely useful to your case.


Finding a law firm that has multiple lawyers with a broad range of experience and capabilities on your side is always beneficial. That way, no matter what course your case begins to take, you have a skilled team on your side to get you through the end.


Bench Trial vs. Jury Trial

A bench trial is a trial by judge, and a jury trial is a trial by jury. Almost every case could be handled by a bench trial, however certain types of cases may call for a jury trial. They don’t happen nearly as frequently, however when they do, you should be prepared.


A bench trial can sometimes be easier to navigate for your attorney. If your lawyer knows the judge or is familiar with the judge, they can research their published opinions and potentially help shape the judge and law clerk’s view of your case. It can be quite different navigating through a bench trial than a jury trial.


A jury trial is significantly different than a bench trial as your team of lawyers will need to convince or persuade more than one individual about your case. Attorneys will use the voir dire process to help select or reject certain jurors to hear a case. Making sure your lawyer is knowledgeable about this process can help you in ensuring your jurors are fair and unbiased during your case. A jury trial should be based on facts presented to the jurors, and to agree on a verdict, you’ll need to have a majority agree. The exact number of jurors who will need to agree will differ based on the type of jury trial.


The Law Offices of J.Chrisp has successfully served thousands of individuals and we can help you, too. This isn’t something we just say, but we also have the track record of past successful results to prove it.


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