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While most Americans get into a car every day, many of us don’t fully understand the risks involved in doing so. In 2013 alone, car crashes resulted in over 2.4 million hospital visits. This included over 33,800 vehicle accident fatalities — the second leading cause of accidental death in the United States.

After a car accident, your life can change for the worse in a heartbeat. Even minor injuries can leave you facing expensive medical bills and unexpected insurance disputes. The repair bills for your car might very well be just as expensive as the medical bills. Worse, you might be injured so severely that you’re unable to work while you recover.

If this is your situation, you need an aggressive and committed law firm on your side to help you overcome the legal challenges ahead and face down insurance companies who will try to minimize your settlement. Turn to a Northern California car accident lawyer from the Law Offices of J.Chrisp in your time of need.

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The Risks of the Road

You can’t control what other drivers are doing. This means that even the safest drivers are at risk of being in a car accident.

From speeding to texting while driving, negligent drivers put us all in danger. Your Northern California car accident lawyer will investigate the details of your wreck and help you pinpoint precisely where the fault lies. Doing so will allow you to pursue compensation from all responsible parties.

Detailed below are just a few of the more common causes of car crashes:

Drunk Driving

Over 1 million drivers are charged with driving under the influence (DUI) every year. These reckless drivers cause more than 300,000 injuries and about 10,000 accident fatalities annually. By one estimate, almost one out of every three Americans will be in an accident caused by a drunk driver during the course of his or her life.

DUI is an act of gross negligence which leaves the drunk driver responsible for your injuries and damages. You may also be able to hold the business who served the driver accountable. A knowledgeable lawyer from our firm can advise you as to whether pursuing this is appropriate.

Distracted Driving

Handheld cell phone use while driving is banned in California, and all cell phone use behind the wheel is forbidden to drivers under the age of 18. Texting while driving is banned for all drivers. By some accounts, 80 percent of accidents are caused by distracted driving, and cell phone use is the number 1 cause of distracted driving today.

Finding evidence of the distraction that caused your crash can be challenging, but your lawyer will know where to look. Whether through cell phone records or witness testimony, we can find it and present it in your case.


Speeding is another form of driver negligence, and it causes some of the most destructive crashes. Getting injured because someone was in a hurry or looking for an adrenaline rush can be an overwhelmingly frustrating experience — one that could leave you disabled and in debt.

By working with a lawyer from our office, we’ll make sure the speeding driver who hit you accounts for his or her actions.

Know Your Rights after a Car Crash

The goal of any insurance adjuster will be to minimize your financial settlement. Obviously, this goes against your best interests, and things can get even more difficult if opposing attorneys get involved.

After an accident, you should always immediately speak with a lawyer from our office.

To protect your claim, always bear the following in mind:

  • Never offer to settle immediately, for any amount. We can review any offer you receive and advise you on whether it is fair.
  • Never accept medical advice from the insurance company. Always see your own doctor for a true evaluation of your injuries.
  • Never give a recorded statement to the insurance company. Let us handle these communications on your behalf.
  • Never give the auto insurer access to your private medical history.

Why Choose the Law Offices of J.Chrisp?

Why should you retain a lawyer from the Law Offices of J.Chrisp to represent you?

You should choose us because of our:

  • Experience. Our office has successfully concluded thousands of cases and obtained millions of dollars for our clients. We take pride in our ability to prepare cases for trial. Insurers will usually settle most of our cases out of court because they know we’re able to obtain justice in front of a jury.
  • Dedication. Personal injury makes up 100 percent of our firm’s cases. You can rest easy knowing that your lawyer will aggressively pursue the best financial settlement possible for your case.
  • Knowledge. We understand car crash injuries and insurance companies. As your representative, we’ll make certain you have a full understanding of the true scope of your injuries before it comes time to settle. Whether your case can settle or needs to go to court, we’ll sit down with you to explain the entire process so you can decide what to do.
  • Confidence. The aftermath of a car crash is a stressful time. You need the confidence from knowing that your lawyer will fight for you. We know insurance company tactics and understand how to present your case to a jury. We can arm you with this knowledge, giving you power over the entire process. You’ll never doubt your choice of attorney. Your case is our case, and that’s how we’ll treat it until we reach a successful conclusion.
  • Care. Our clients are more than clients. Each case is pursued with care and compassion. To us, each case exists only because of the individual behind it, and every individual motivates us to achieve justice.

Serving Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino & Lake Counties

If you have been injured in any type of car accident, call a car accident lawyer you can depend on. At the Law Offices of J.Chrisp, our team is ready to fight for your rights. We also serve clients across Clearlake, San Francisco, and Santa Rosa. Our firm provides you with decades of combined experience settling car accident claims in and out California courts.

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Over $50 Million Recovered 

For Clients in the North Bay & Wine Country
  • Dangerous Pool Causes Brain Injured Child $5 Million
  • Wrongful Death $4 Million
  • Hertz Rental Car Accident $3.375 Million
  • Jury Verdict: Major Head on Crash with Sheriff Leads to Wrist and Ankle Fractures $2.4 Million

    Lake County

  • Drunk Driver Causes Crash Leads to Concussion $1.3 Million

    Sonoma County

  • Car Crash Resulting in Fractured Scapula, Broken Ribs & Concussion $1.25 Million Settlement

    Sonoma County

  • Motorcycle Crash Causes Multiple Fractures $1 Million

    Mendocino County

  • Dangerous Construction Zone Leaves Edge in Roadway Causes Motorcycle Rider to Crash Leading to Spine Fusion $900 Thousand

    Lake County

  • Head-On Cross-Over Crash Causes Severe Femur Fracture $500 Thousand

    Napa County

  • Car Crash Results in Frozen Shoulder $420 Thousand

    Napa County

  • Apartment Staircase in Dangerous Condition Leads to Knee Replacement $300 Thousand

    Lake County

  • Car Crash Leads to Internal Organ Damage $300 Thousand

    Sonoma County


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